Lockdown exit: Boris considers reuniting grandparents with families in March | UK | News (Reports)


Over 15 million people have now received their Covid jabs, as the vaccine rollout continues at pace. The success of the inoculation programme has raised hopes that families will soon be able to meet up again. The Government is considering easing lockdown restrictions next month, with schools expected to reopen on March 8.

At the same time, people will be allowed to meet friends and family outdoors on a one-to-one basis.

Ministers are discussing whether to exempt children from being counted as one person, like they did in November.

This would mean that they could join their parents on visits to their grandparents.

A Government source told the Daily Telegraph: “If grandparents had had the vaccine, that would be likely to be okay.

“Given that people will have immunity, that would be a fair assumption, but nothing has been decided.”

These moves are part of a wider Government strategy to lift lockdown restrictions over the coming weeks and months.

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The CRG has called on the Prime Minister to lift all Covid restrictions by the end of April.

However Mr Raab said: “We share all of the ambition and the desire to get out of this lockdown.

“We want to do it responsibly and safely and therefore it’s got to be based on the evidence.

“You can’t get ahead of the evidence of the impact of the vaccine on the transmission.”


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