Lockdown news: Boris urged to SCRAP tier system in England – ‘Clearly garbage that doesn’t | UK | News (Reports)


Earlier this week the Prime Minister unveiled the new tough tier restrictions, which will replace England’s national lockdown from December 2. The new system has already been heavily criticised, even from within Tory ranks, prompting Express.co.uk to ask readers if they think the move should be scrapped altogether.

The poll, carried out from 6pm November 27 to 8am November 28, asked: “Should Boris Johnson scrap the tier system in England?”

The majority of the 3,741 readers backed ditching the plans, with 59 percent (2,082 people) voting “yes”.

Forty percent (1,614 people) voted “no”, with one percent (45 people) opting for “don’t know”.

Readers then took to the comments to explain why they backed scrapping the regional tier system.

One person wrote: “Clearly all this garbage that has been put in place doesn’t work.”

Another user said: “There is an old saying IF YOU ARE IN A HOLE STOP DIGGING.”

A third simply wrote: “It’s not practical.”

One reader branded those who backed Mr Johnson’s tier system as “snowflakes” – a derogatory slang term implying a person is easily offended.

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A second user said only “idiots” would want to scrap the tier system.

They wrote: “Our area in the South East has rocketed. No, he shouldn’t scrap the Tier system.

“We are now in Tier 3, previously Tier 1, and it’s out of control, our local hospitals are full to the brim with coronavirus patients and the NHS are at breaking point!

“Only blithering idiots want them scrapped!”

Another person suggested the tier restrictions can only be lifted once a vaccine has been rolled out.

They said: “Why scrap something that is working?

“We need to get this vaccine off the ground before relaxing otherwise there will be many more avoidable deaths.”


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