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Health Secretary Matt Hancock has warned of a possible second peak of coronavirus following a “concerning” rise in the number of cases. The recent cases should remind Britons COVID-19 “remains a threat” and that “this is not over”. He told the House of Commons: “Just because we have come through one peak doesn’t mean we can’t see another one coming towards our shores.”

Will London go into lockdown again?

In the week ending on September 4, three people that have tested positive for coronavirus have died in London hospitals.

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Additionally, COVID-19 was mentioned on the death certificates of one person.

The total number of deaths in London hospitals of patients who had tested positive for COVID-19 is now 6,162.

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“London is much bigger, more diverse, has more contacts with the outside world – more people pass through it, and so forth – and so you would expect that situation [further flare-ups] to persist in some form.

“The only thing I can think of is that it must be a result of changes in people’s patterns of behaviour, such as working from home and not venturing out so much.”

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The Government has said it does not want a second UK lockdown.

However, on August 28 Mr Hancock warned nationwide restrictions could not be ruled out should England see a spike in coronavirus cases this winter.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has even resumed the next steps in his roadmap to ending lockdown after “squeezing the brakes” last month.

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Mr Johnson said: “It’s not just that we’re getting much better at spotting the disease and isolating it locally, but we understand far more which groups it affects, how it works, how it’s transmitted, so the possibility of different types of segmentation, of enhanced shielding for particular groups, is now there.”

Wedding receptions of up to 30 people are allowed, and casinos, bowling alleys and skating rinks reopened.

Beauty salons, tattoo studios and spas can offer all close “services and treatments”.


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