London news: 1000 bottles of booze SEIZED from tier 4 flouting New Years Eve revelers | UK | News (Reports)


Barking and Dagenham Met Police have confirmed they are responding to reports of an “unlicensed music event” in Alfreds Way, Barking. Writing on Twitter, the police said: “Police units in attendance responding to reports of an Unlicensed Music Event Alfreds Way, Barking. Units on scene & dealing.


“Police request anyone intent on attending or at location to leave, as will be committing covid breach & offences. Police on scene & investigating.”

The police also confirmed that 70-100 people dispersed when they arrive at the scene.

Sound equipment was found at the locations by the police with enquiries into the incident ongoing.  

Barking and Dagenham Met Police tweeted: “Gathering has been dispersed, no further on people at scene.


“Unlicensed Music Event closed down. Enquiries ongoing.”

According to the police, 1000 bottles of alcohol was also found at the location.

The Met Police in Barking have said they are working with local residents and CCTV to review the incident.

They said: “Enquiries will be ongoing at venue re organiser & post incident.

“Working with partners & local residents & cctv to review.



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