London news: ‘Anti-maskers’ in London pack onto Tube carriage to abuse passengers | UK | News (Reports)


From July 24, the government announced face masks must be worn on all public transport and in shops, indoor shopping centres and post offices in England in a bid to stop the spread of the coronavirus.

Wales and Scotland have also introduced similar measures as the country continues to battle against the deadly pandemic.

Despite people following the mandatory safety guidelines, those opposed to the government’s advice have been hurling abuse to other passengers on London’s tube.

LBC producer, Ava-Santina tweeted: “Just had the displeasure of sitting with a group of anti-maskers on the tube.

“Pointing, sneering and aggressively mocking the rest of the carriage.

@TfL why are they allowed to board trains?”

Transport for London responded to the complaint and said their staff will not enforce the face mask rule.

They tweeted: “We don’t expect staff to enforce this requirement – this will be undertaken by police and staff in enforcement roles, equipped with the training, skills and equipment to do this safely.”

This is not a single incident from anti-maskers across the capital.

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Another person tweeted: “I wore a mask this morning to go and get some bread and a couple of kids who were hanging outside called me a ‘mask pedo’.

“So, that was good.”

Despite the mandatory rule was imposed more than a month ago, just 46 fines have been handed out by police up until August 17.

Figures released by the National Police Chiefs’ Council (NPCC) found the majority of penalties were issued on public transport, with just eight fines given to people failing to adhere to the rules.

The vast majority of fines, handed out by rank-and-file officers, were issued to white men under the age of 30.

The data does not include penalties issued by Transport for London (TfL) officers.

A spokesman said 344 fixed penalty notices have been issued by TfL officers to people refusing to wear masks.

Over the weekend, anti-lockdown protesters gathered in the capital, dismissing the pandemic as a hoax.

Thousands of people demanded an end to masks and social distancing as they marched through Whitehall.

Former Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn’s brother Piers attended and TV sports presenter-turned conspiracy theorist David Icke addressed crowds at Trafalgar Square.


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