London protest: Extinction Rebellion protestors scale HS2 headquarters | UK | News (Reports)


Four people from the group scaled the offices of HS2 in Eversholt Street this morning. 

Wearing orange jumpsuits, the four protestors held up a banner which read “Essential work should heal not harm”. 

The group is protesting to stand with the people who tunnelled under Euston station. 

The six people still remain under the Euston station with Extinction Rebellion protestors, calling for a safety assessment to be carried out.

Police have now arrived at the scene to try and talk down the protestors. 

Sally Davidson, one of the Extinction Rebellion activists who climbed the building today, said: “We are being told to stay at home to save lives, that only essential work that preserves life should continue in this time of national and global crisis.

“However, HS2 continues their path of destruction, evicting people from their homes, cutting down trees that clean the air of our cities, and sub-contracting unqualified, ex-military NET bailiffs to inflict harm, fear and remove basic human rights from human beings using their bodies as a last hope to save one of London’s precious parks.

“This screams corruption and shows how our government routinely puts profit before people.

“The UK construction industry has not been protected at all from the virus, our government is risking construction workers’ lives rather than pausing their work to protect them, as well as the NHS.”

This is a breaking news story, more to follow…


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