Lottery results live: What are the Lotto winning numbers for January 20, 2021? | UK | News (Reports)


Last week’s Lotto prize was not claimed, meaning tonight’s money is a rollover – coming in at a cool £5.1 million to take home tonight. And as the famous saying goes – it could be you. Lotto is the UK’s favourite game and is played by millions up and down the country.

The game, which has been played in UK households since the mid 1990s, has become an important fixture in the lives of millions wanting to change their lives.

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On Saturday, January 9, 2016, two winning ticket holders shattered a 20-year-old record as they split a Lotto jackpot of £66million, with each player receiving £33million.

Another huge prize was given away the following month when a single player landed £32.5million on Saturday, February 13, 2016.

Now, the National Lottery runs several different games across the week.

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Even if you don’t get the jackpot, you could also win cash if you get any of the following:

• Five main numbers + bonus ball: £1million
• Five main numbers: £1,750
• Four main numbers: £140
• Three main numbers: £30
• Two main numbers: Free Lucky Dip

The odds for winning these are:
• Match five + Bonus Ball: 1/7,509,579
• Match five: 1/144,415
• Match four: 1/2,180
• Match three: 1/96.2
• Match two: 1/10.3
• One Lotto Lucky Dip: 1/9.3


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