Manchester lockdown: Andy Burnham lashes out at Boris in Tier 3 row and makes NEW demands | UK | News (Reports)


Manchester mayor Andy Burnham reiterated his stance in the current row with the Government over moving into Tier 3 coronavirus lockdown. While speaking to Sky News, Mr Burnham demanded the Government create a financial framework for the tiers so local leaders know the support they will receive from the Government. He also added the people of Manchester’s mental health is likely deteriorating due to living under restrictions already.

Mr Burnham said: “Nothing has changed as far as I am concerned.

“It is not about the size of the cheque, it is about protecting low-paid workers, those who are self-employed and supporting businesses and preventing them from collapsing.

“We have always said we will put people’s health first and we will do that but this is about more than controlling the virus.”

The Manchester mayor said that residents mental health is now likely low as they have been in lockdown for over 3 months already.

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He also demanded more changes to ensure that areas that go into higher tiers or have more coronavirus restrictions have more support.

He said: “I’m calling on the Party leaders in Westminster to support us.

“Tier 3 should have a fair financial framework, set out and then endorsed by Parliament.

“This is so that anyone in our position knows what they are going into if they are going into Tier 3.

“They should give them the ability to plan and not leave it to all these deals the Government is doing.” 

Prime Minster Boris Johnson and Cabinet Ministers have been calling for Mr Burnham to agree the Tier 3 lockdown since last week.

During a press briefing last week Mr Johnson argued the situation in Manchester was deteriorating and more measures needed to be implemented.

He warned that if nothing is done, he will have to override local authority as more people will lose their lives if nothing is done.


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