Meghan Markle and Prince Harry attacked by Piers Morgan – ‘Another publicity stunt’ | Royal | News (Reports)


Meghan, 39, and Harry, 36, who are starting a new life in America after quitting royal duties earlier this year, privately visited the Los Angeles National Cemetery today. But the Good Morning Britain presenter hit out at the Sussexes after pictures of the personal moment were released.

Morgan tweeted: “My god, they’ve even turned Remembrance Sunday into another self-publicity stunt. Have they no shame?”

Royal commentator Dan Wootton also took a swipe at the Queen’s grandson and the former actress over the snaps of the visit.

He said in a Twitter post: “How lucky that a photographer happened to be here to capture this deeply personal moment.”

Meghan and Harry laid flowers from the garden of their Californian mansion at the graves of two Commonwealth soldiers.

Meghan Markle Prince Harry

Piers Morgan has hit out at Meghan Markle and Prince Harry (Image: GETTY)

They also placed a wreath at an obelisk in the cemetery, with a message from Harry which read: “To all of those who have served, and are serving. Thank you.”

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A spokesman for the Sussexes said: “It was important to the Duke and Duchess to be able to personally recognise Remembrance in their own way, to pay tribute to those who have served and to those who gave their lives.

“The couple laid flowers that the Duchess picked from their garden at the gravesites of two Commonwealth soldiers, one who had served in the Royal Australian Air Force and one from the Royal Canadian Artillery.”

The Sussexes’ visit comes as members of the Royal Family including the Queen, Prince Charles, Camilla, Prince William and Kate attended the ceremony at the Cenotaph in London.

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Courtiers refused Harry’s request to Buckingham Palace for a wreath to be laid on his behalf as he is no longer a working royal, the Sunday Times reported.

Harry, who spent 10 years in the armed forces, described Remembrance Sunday as “a moment for respect and for hope” in an interview with the Declassified podcast.

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He said: “The act of remembering, of remembrance, is a profound act of honour.

“It’s how we preserve the legacies of entire generations and show our gratitude for the sacrifices they made in order for us to be able to live the lives we live today.”

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Harry opened up on his relationship with veterans, describing coming together as “like meeting an old mate”.

He said: “I wear the poppy to recognise all those who have served; the soldiers I knew, as well as those I didn’t.

“The soldiers who were by my side in Afghanistan, those who had their lives changed forever, and those that didn’t come home.

“I wear it to celebrate the bravery and determination of all our veterans, and their loved ones, especially those in our Invictus family.

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“These are the people and moments I remember when I salute, when I stand at attention and when I lay a wreath at the Cenotaph.”

Harry also spoke about his own service, which included two tours of Afghanistan.

He said: “When I get asked about this period of my life I draw from memories, I draw from what I remember and who I remember.

“Like the first time we were shot at and who I was with, the casualties we saw, and those we saved. And the first medivac we escorted out of contact in a race against time.

“Once served always serving, no matter what.

“Being able to wear my uniform, being able to stand up in service of one’s country, these are amongst the greatest honours there are in life.

“To me, the uniform is a symbol of something much bigger, it’s symbolic of our commitment to protecting our country, as well as protecting our values.

“These values are put in action through service, and service is what happens in the quiet and in the chaos.”


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