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Meghan and Harry have gained more freedom from the scrutiny of commentators and royal watchers after paying back the £2.4million spent to renovate their first family home, Frogmore Cottage. And, according to supporters of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, the pair owe nothing to British taxpayers as they no longer depend from public funding or the help of Prince Charles. A supporter of the Sussexes, Myra, wrote on Twitter: “You don’t pay for their house 

“You don’t pay for their security;

“You don’t pay for their travel costs;

“You don’t pay for their projects and work obligations;

“You don’t pay them for their time;

“You don’t pay for their lifestyle;

“They owe you nothing… Leave Harry and Meghan alone.” 

Twitter user albacri12 added: “You haters need to stop, you are taking all of this way too personal.

“It’s not about you. Harry and Meghan don’t owe any of you a dime.”

Author Greg Hogben also said the Duke and Duchess of Sussex don’t “owe” others anything. 

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Without referring to British taxpayers, he wrote on Twitter: “Harry and Meghan owe you nothing.

“Learn to live with the idea that they do not need your ‘permission’ to do whatever the hell they want.”

Meghan and Prince Harry announced yesterday they paid in full the millions initially forked out by British taxpayers to renovate their first family home.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex voiced their intention to do so in January, after saying they wanted to step back as full-time working royals. 


It was later reported the couple had committed to pay back the £2.4million in monthly instalments amounting each to £18,000.

This would have seen the pair pay back taxpayers in approximately 11 years.

However, royal watchers, commentators and even an MP urged the Sussexes to pay back into the Sovereign Grant the renovation cost of their UK home after Meghan and Harry announced a multi-million deal with Netflix.

Sir Geoffrey Clifton-Brown, deputy chair of parliament’s Public Accounts Committee and MP for The Cotswolds, told the Daily Telegraph: “I’ve read all the facts of the case and clearly anyone who has borrowed taxpayers’ cash needs to pay it back as quickly as possible. 

“£2.4 million is a lot of money and even if you paid back £250,000 a year it would still take a decade.

“If the figures associated with the Netflix deal are correct then there is a case for it being paid back over five years rather than more than 10.

“These sorts of sums are out of the reach of the vast majority of people in this country who have been trying to make ends meet during the coronavirus crisis.

“While they may be sympathetic to Harry and Meghan’s situation, which is a delicate one, they will think that if the couple aren’t carrying out royal duties – and are making a lot of money in America, then they should start paying it back sooner.” 

Meghan and Harry lived at Frogmore Cottage between April and November last year.

The pair moved out of Prince Harry’s three-bedroom home, Nottingham Cottage, in early 2019 after having outgrown it and welcomed Archie Harrison in their home in Windsor.

Speaking about the needs to refurbish the cottage, Meghan and Harry said in February on their website “The refurbishment of Frogmore Cottage, the Grade-2 listed building in Windsor Home Park was funded by Her Majesty The Queen through the Sovereign Grant, reflecting the monarchy’s responsibility to maintain the upkeep of buildings with historical significance (see above).

“Expenses related to fixtures, furnishings, and fittings at the official residence – which is owned by Her Majesty the Queen – were funded privately by The Duke and Duchess of Sussex.”

The family-of-three left the cottage in mid-November, when they left the country for a six-week break from royal duties.

However, they later announced their intention to step down as senior royals and live across the pond for several months every year while retaining Frogmore Cottage as a UK base.

In July, Archie, Meghan and Harry moved to their new home in Santa Barbara, California.     


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