Meghan Markle expected to get ‘easier ride’ in Oprah interview as excitement grows | Royal | News (Reports)


Some believe the whole thing will be a damp squib, with the exchange carefully choreographed in advance. While others believe that Ms Winfrey has an innate ability to get her guests to reveal more than they would like, leading to possible embarrassing disclosures. A Royal source told recently that it was “time to hide behind the sofa at the palace.”

They warned that the TV star is “skilled at getting people to talk about their feelings and bound to take them down a path they’ll almost certainly regret.”

Ms Winfrey also has a reputation as a tough interviewer, willing to take no prisoners.

The disgraced cyclist Lance Armstrong agreed to an interview with Ms Winfrey, in an attempt to rebuild his reputation after the doping scandal.

The former winner of the Tour de France memorably described his appearance on the show as “an ass-whupping”.

However, the BBC’s Royal expert Johnny Dymond believes that the Duchess of Sussex will get off with a light grilling from her host.

He said: “Now, Meghan is going to get an easier ride from Oprah, I don’t think there’s any doubt about it.

“But you have to wonder how this will play.”

It’s a sentiment shared by Kitty Kelley, who wrote a controversial unauthorised biography on Ms Winfrey in 2010.

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The Royal source told that they expect that there will be an “element of Megxit” as well as “airing of grievances”.

Harry is said to be disappointed to relinquish his honorary military commands.

The BBC’s Mr Dymond added: “It will be fascinating to see what her big beef is.”

“The crown has been around for 1,000 years and it has had some pretty horrible embarrassments in its time,” he noted.


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