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Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s frustrations with royal life were built up over time amid clashes with the Royal Family according to royal commentator Omid Scobie. The co-author of the unofficial biography Finding Freedom argued there was not a key moment that resulted in everything going wrong for the royals. However, while answering questions on the Duke and Duchess of Sussex during his HeirPod podcast, he claimed cracks began to show during Meghan’s pregnancy.

He said that this was one of the key moments that Harry and Meghan were showing their annoyance at senior members of the Royal Family.

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HeirPod guest Maggie Rulli said: “The first question is from Jodie Lee is what do you think is the sliding doors moment where it all went so wrong?

“I love this question because it is so visual, was there this one moment?

“She said it seemed so great post-Oceanic tour as such an asset and then boom.

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“Do you think there was a boom moment Omid?”

However, Mr Scobie argued tension had long been building in the Royal Family and it was a combination of things that lead to Meghan and Harry stepping down.

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He said: “I wouldn’t say there was one specific moment but really what we outline in the book is this build of frustration after several different moments.

“I think where it really started to crack is during Meghan’s pregnancy.

“This is when the press commentary, particularly in certain sections of the tabloids, became extremely negative at such a vulnerable moment in any women’s life.

“Actually there were much bigger reasons to speak up because a lot of what was being written crossed certain lines.”

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Mr Scobie then reflected on how Meghan and Harry felt they were being reported on during this time.

He said: “There were moments were commentary verged into areas of racial insensitivity.

“Areas of cultural insensitivity as well and of course sexism.

“I think these things made it an increasingly difficult period for Meghan and one in which it became it clear for them that they were never going to get the support that they needed.”


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