Meghan Markle praised for securing Prince Harry’s ‘redemption’ before royal ‘tragedy’ | Royal | News (Reports)


Royal commentator Robert Lacey argued that in his youth, Prince Harry struggled to maintain a good reputation. While speaking on Sky News, Mr Lacey recounted the many ways Prince Harry regained good favour with the public as he matured. He insisted that meeting and marrying Meghan Markle was one the climax of his reputation comeback.

However, he noted it was a great shame the Duke and Duchess of Sussex were unable to happily maintain their place in the Royal Family.

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The Sky News host said: “Prince Harry had turned things around though, in terms of his reputation.

“He was hugely well regarded for his military career, the work he had done for veterans.

“When he met and married Meghan Markle there was a real hope that this young couple could help the future of the monarchy and modernising and yet it all went wrong.”

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Mr Lacey agreed that Meghan Markle initially was seen as a positive for the Royal Family and Prince Harry

He said: “Let us hope that it all hasn’t gone wrong.

“Harry as the spare was actually able to go to war in Afghanistan in a way that Prince William couldn’t.

“The British press kept a vow of secrecy and yes you are talking about years that were a comeback.

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“It is a such a tragedy that it hasn’t worked through and it is one of the challenges for the monarchy in the future.”

He added that both Harry and Meghan put the Queen in a difficult position by their decision to step down as senior working royals.

He said that despite their desires, the Queen was forced to put her foot down and prevent the couple from enjoying all the benefits of being working royal members.


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