Meghan Markle praised for speaking out on ‘heartbreaking’ return to US in authentic speech | Royal | News (Reports)


Meghan added: “And actually some of it is just reacting to things that just haven’t happened, which is, in some ways I think you have to have a sense of humour about it even though there is quite a bit of gravity, and there can be a lot of danger in a misinterpretation of something that was never there, to begin with.

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“But that again is a bi-product of what is happening right now for all of us.

“I would say the biggest thing and what I have always stuck to, you know, that high school graduation speech – I had done it a week or so before.

“I pre-taped it for them, it was for 17-year-old girls right, so the tone and the sentiment, while of course, it was going to be a call to action, was certainly lighter than where we landed after the murder of George Floyd.”

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