Meghan’s move into politics could be bad for royals | Royal | News (Reports)


Officially, they had until March 31 to clarify the situation but the lure of saying whatever they like on Oprah Winfrey’s chat show as free celebrities was too great. A life in exile beckons. They will be able to tell family secrets, to milk sympathy and to make a fortune from their royal connections. That might suit Harry in his Montecito mansion but is it enough for Meghan?

News that the couple held a video meeting with California governor Gavin Newsom has sparked further rumours that Meghan, a US citizen, is considering an eventual move into US politics.

If so, the planned interview with Oprah would provide an ideal platform.

However, Meghan’s view of herself as a candidate for high office might not match the reality of rigorous campaigning.

A political career in the Land of the Free would bring additional privacy implications for the couple. They could be subject to a level of scrutiny they have not experienced in the UK.

There’s the salutary tale of Bill Clinton’s underpants when the Americans for Tax Reform group examined his tax returns and found he had overvalued donations to the Salvation Army of his used underpants to increase his tax write-off while governor of Arkansas.

That is not at all the sort of thing Meghan would relish!


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