M&S: shoppers infuriated as retailer shares photo of ‘Mom Jeans’ on Facebook | UK | News (Reports)


Despite M&S clothing stores currently being shut retail purchases can still be made online and the company is advertising its goods across the internet. But a recent post on Facebook captioned: “Tuesday morning strolls in neutral tones and our trusty mom jeans” is causing quite the stir. 

It wasn’t long before some M&S shoppers took issue with the phrase ‘Mom jeans’.

One Facebook user wrote: “Why are you using Mom rather than Mum? And please stop using that term for that style most Mums I know wear skinny or slim or boyfriend ones. And that includes us older Mums too!” 

Another added: “Why do baggy shapeless jeans = Mum jeans? Anyway they can’t be Mum jeans, they are white, so realistically, no Mum would ever wear them!

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A third joked: “This outfit is making me feel quite uncomfortable! It looks like too many clothes!

Another said: “M and S can I just say I am never going to wear something called ‘mom’ jeans. Do you have ‘dad’ jeans too?” 

And a fourth added: “No no no! M&S what are you doing?”. 

The term ‘Mom jeans’ refers to the style of jean just like ‘skinny jeans’ and ‘flares’. 

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Mom jeans are usually a high waisted jean with ample leg space. The jeans are usually in a solid, light-blue colour. 

The style had been around since the 80s. But it’s believed Mom jeans got their name in 2003 when Tina Fey (the writer of Mean Girls), performed on Saturday Night Live. 

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Non-essential retail stores including M&S clothing stores are set to reopen on April 12 as part of the government’s roadmap out of lockdown. 


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