NDA pledges to inspire next generation of nuclear workers


The Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA) has joined forces with a leading careers organisation to ensure talented young people are attracted to the nuclear decommissioning industry.

Announcing its standard as a Cornerstone Employer, the NDA has pledged its commitment to continue to inspire the next generation through its partnership with The Careers and Enterprise Company.

The NDA group has a long history of recruiting apprentices and new talent, and it will now play an even greater role in preparing and inspiring young people for the world of work.

As a Cornerstone Employer, the NDA will work closely with secondary schools and colleges to provide high quality workplace experiences and improve access to career opportunities.

It will allow the NDA to increase its understanding of the education sector and develop its own approaches to nurturing new and diverse talent.

The partnership also promotes the encouragement of youth engagement among other businesses and supply chain networks, while offering the chance to share best practice with like-minded employers across various sectors.

Jacq Longrigg, Group Head of Capability and Capacity at the NDA, said:

The NDA has a great history of recruiting apprentices accessing future talent and supporting meaningful careers for the next generation.

We’re passionate about our new role as a Cornerstone Employer using our extensive business networks and our collective wealth of experience. We will be developing strategies to engage with young people, while up-skilling our future workforce through innovative and targeted engagement.

Above all, the partnership emphasises giving back to our local community and economy; leaving a positive legacy from our work.


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