NHS to trial 24-hour mass Covid vaccine rollout ins hospitals | UK | News (Reports)


The roll-out of these new centres could happen within the next 10 days. Chief executive of the NHS Simon Stevens said the new 24-hour vaccination centres would be at first a “test”. If successful they would then be expanded.

The chief executive did not say whether the appointments for the new centre would be for the wider public, or just NHS staff.

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However, a source told the Daily Mirror last week that the new facilities would be for staff.

Speaking to the BBC today NHS England chief executive Sir Simon said: “We will start testing 24/7 in some hospitals.

“This will happen over the course of the next 10 days.

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The chief executive said more than one-half of over-80s have now been vaccinated.

He also said the number of mass vaccination centres had risen this week from 10 to 17.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson promised a 24-hour-a-day vaccination programme “as soon as possible”.

However, this is a u-turn from his comments last Monday when the Prime Minister’s spokesman claimed there was not a “clamour” for late appointments.

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The spokesman said that this was because the jab at the moment is being rolled out to the elderly.

The Government’s position changes, as on Wednesday Mr Johnson said: “We’ll be going to 24/7 as soon as we can.”

He then promised an update on the 24-hour vaccination facilities “in due course”.


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