Nicola Sturgeon makes pub punters’ data collection mandatory to stop new COVID outbreak | UK | News (Reports)


Nicola Sturgeon announced on her daily coronavirus update on Friday that customers will be required to provide pubs and restaurants with their personal details to ensure they can be contacted in the event of a coronavirus outbreak. The collection of personal information had previously only been “strongly advised” but the resurgence of cases following the reopening of hospitality hotspots forced the change in the regulation. Ms Sturgeon said: “I’m announcing two further measures.

“The first is that now we intend to make it mandatory for a range of settings, including hospitality businesses, to collect customers’ details.

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“That requirement is already in guidance but will now be placed on a statutory footing and it will help to ensure that our test and protect system can function as effectively as possible.

“Second, we intend to issue new statutory guidance relating to indoor hospitality.

“The aim is to ensure greater compliance with key public health measures like physical distancing and we will work with Police Scotland and local Environmental Health teams to explain these measures and, if necessary, enforce this guidance.

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More to follow…

According to new guidelines, face coverings will become mandatory in libraries, museums and places of workshop from Saturday across the whole of Scotland.

The First Minister said the decision to expand the list of places where face coverings must be worn was being taken as “risks are heightened”.

Ms Sturgeon also confirmed scientific advice provided to the Scottish Government had questioned the effectiveness of face visors.

As a result, from Saturday a face mask must be worn in addition to a visor to ensure a certain level of protection.

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Ms Sturgeon said 262 people were in hospital with confirmed Covid-19, down eight in 24 hours.

Of these, four were in intensive care, no change from the previous day.

News of the changes comes three days after the Scottish First Minister announced Aberdeen would return into lockdown because of a local outbreak.

The move led to all pubs and restaurants shutting down mere weeks after being allowed to reopen despite concerns about the economical impact the measures could have.


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