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Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP are eager to take an independent Scotland back into the EU, and they have received backing from Co-President of the Greens in the European Parliament Philippe Lamberts. The Belgian MEP said Scotland would be welcomed into the EU, and also said the country will reap benefit from the move. He told “Firstly, from a geographical point of view, Scotland is the first economic partner of England. There is no denying this.

“But as Ireland discovered, you can be an island and still be connected to the EU.

“The same reasoning could apply for Scotland, and I would assume the EU will have a smart economic policy so ultimately Scotland can have an economic benefit if it joins the EU.”

Mr Lamberts said the argument for Scottish independence would be political as well as economic, comparable to Brexit as trade talks between the EU and the UK reach a crucial stage.

He said being in the bloc will mean “Scotland can be better off” than England as the Conservative Government has not respected Edinburgh.

Mr Lamberts added: “The decision won’t just be economic, Brexit was not just about the economy, it was also about England being an independent nation that could do what it wants.

“This would be likewise for Scotland leaving the UK, a political choice worth doing because of the assumption Scotland can be better off as part of the EU and can therefore benefit both economically and politically.

“When you see the way the Tory party disregards the judiciary, wants to get out of the European convention on human rights, these are all arguments that can convince Scottish citizens to protect their basic freedoms.

“You can also see many Scots don’t feel respected by the UK Government.”

Mr Lamberts, who is also a member of the European Parliament’s Brexit Steering Group, argued that Scotland could also be better off than England because Ms Sturgeon and co would be joining a “bigger union” in the EU while the rest of the UK leaves.

He continued: “It only makes sense if you leave a union to join a bigger one. The game plan for Scotland must be be ‘we are leaving a small union to join a bigger one and one that is more aligned to the wishes of our country.'”

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Mr Lamberts did also highlight some difficulties Scotland could face in its efforts to rejoin the EU.

He said the country would have to adopt the euro, despite claims from Ms Sturgeon in the past that this wouldn’t be the case.

The MEP said: “Any new member state has to adopt the euro, I know that the SNP are revisiting their scenario depending on the outcome of a referendum.

“So I don’t think past positions of Nicola Sturgeon or the SNP are reflective of the positions they will take if they apply to join the EU after a referendum.”

Mr Lamberts also hit out at Brexiteers in the UK, and said Brexit is not the right way to solve the frustrations of British voters.

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He added: “To voters I would say I understand their anger, it’s not like they made it up, so many areas were left behind so yes I understand that.

“But was Brexit the right answer to that question? I would say no.

“I do resent those who likened the EU to the Soviet Union, we are not forcing the UK to stay.

“We want to remain good neighbours, but the politicians who advocated for Brexit, many of them lied about the facts.”I wish them all the best to face the consequences of what they wanted, because the future for the UK won’t be as rosy as they say it will.

“I can’t be friends with the likes of Nigel Farage, Iain Duncan Smith or certainly Dominic Cummings.”


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