Norwegian Air Resources UK Limited: information for employees claiming redundancy payments


Norwegian Air Resources UK Limited entered creditors voluntary liquidation on 29 January 2021.

David Pike, Mike Pink and Stuart Irwin of KPMG LLP have been appointed Joint Liquidators of Norwegian Air Resources UK Limited.

If you’ve been dismissed

If you’ve been dismissed, you may be entitled to redundancy and other related payments from the Insolvency Service.

Who is eligible

If you worked for Norwegian Air Resources UK Limited under an employment contract, you are eligible to apply for redundancy and other payments. You cannot apply until after you have been dismissed.

Workers and self-employed contractors who provided services to Norwegian Air Resources UK Limited are not eligible to apply. Instead, these individuals should contact the Joint Liquidators at [email protected] to register as creditors.

How to apply

The Joint Liquidators will provide details about how to apply and will also give you a case reference number (begins CN). Once you have this information you can apply online.

Our factsheet contains full instructions about how to apply and important information for completing your application.

Paying your claim

Some payments are quicker to process than others. In order to ensure we get money to you as quickly as possible we will pay each element as soon as it is ready. This means you are likely to receive multiple payments from us.

We use the information you provide in your application to make sure we pay you the correct amount, so it’s very important you complete your application as accurately as possible.

We expect all payments (redundancy pay, holiday pay and arrears of pay) to be made within 6 weeks of receiving your complete application and information from the administrator. We will contact you if we need any further information from you to pay your claim.

To allow us to deal with everyone’s application as quickly as possible, please do not contact us to check the status of your application until after the 6 weeks have passed.

Getting help with your application for redundancy payments

The Joint Liquidators have appointed Evolve IS Limited to assist you with any questions you may have about your claim. Evolve IS Limited can be contacted on 0121 827 9282, or by email at [email protected].

Further information about the redundancy payments process can be found on GOV.UK.

Other support available after redundancy

DWP provides guidance about finding a new job, understanding what benefits you can claim and useful sources of information.


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