Piers Morgan compares Meghan and Harry’s Netflix shows to a painful trip to dentist’s | Royal | News (Reports)


The presenter of ITV’s Good Morning Britain has in the past been accused of being “obsessed” with the Duchess of Sussex due to the sheer amount of airtime he dedicates to talking about her. But as royal fans anticipate the release of the Sussexes’ documentaries, films and children’s shows as part of their £112 million deal, Piers insists he is not interested.

The 55-year-old told the Sunday Mirror: “I am looking forward to all their woke documentaries with the kind of enthusiasm I look forward to having root canal surgery at the dentist.”

The presenter’s comments come as his new book hits shelves across the UK.

In the tell-all tome, he admits even his son believes he has an obsession with Harry and Meghan.

He writes how his 23-year-old son questioned him on why he talks about the royal couple so much on his popular morning TV show.

He said Stanley said to him: “Dad, why do you care so much about Meghan and Harry?” as the family enjoyed dinner one evening.

Piers responded: “I don’t really.”

But he admitted in the book that his answer did not sound very convincing.

He said he knew “it sounded absurd given how much I bang on about them.”

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Meghan discussed gun control in her home country, the US, as well as talking about her career and her family.

But after the cordial meeting between friends, Piers claimed Meghan “ghosted” him due to the fact he is a bigwig in the media.

After news of Harry and Meghan’s relationship broke, Piers realised he had been joking and laughing with the duchess just hours before she was introduced to the Queen’s grandson on a blind date.

In a video interview with the host of Canadian show Your Morning, Piers revealed the details about their first – and last – meeting.

Sitting in the pub, he said: “Who would know what a fateful night that was because she went from me here to her first proper date with Prince Harry.”

Meghan and Harry’s deal with Netflix was announced in September.

Reports suggested the multi-million pound deal included a reality show to give viewers a rare insight into the lives of the couple.

But a representative of the couple, who now live in Montecito, California, denied the rumours.

They said: “The Duke and Duchess are not taking part in any reality shows.”


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