Piers Morgan news: GMB presenter blasts ‘anti-lockdown’ ‘Covidiots’ in Twitter rant | UK | News (Reports)


The Good Morning Britain presenter took to the social media platform to criticise “anti-lockdown” people. He wrote: “Still reeling from the news that there were 492 new coronavirus deaths in the UK.

“Do Covidiots who spew their angry, indignant, selfish, self-righteous anti-lockdown, conspiracy theory bullsh*t think about those people?

“Do they care? So many families mourning. Just awful.”

Mr Morgan has been outspoken in his defence of lockdowns as a way of controlling the spread of the virus.

Last week, he called for the introduction of another lockdown as the virus’ infection rate spiralled out of control.

He on Twitter: “Britain needs to lockdown – nationally, and immediately.

“And Britain also needs to ensure non-COVID patients get treated & businesses don’t go bust.

“This is on you @BorisJohnson – you’re supposed to be leader of this country, so LEAD.”

In a later tweet, he added: “Our health & care workers are facing another incredibly tough, challenging & dangerous few months.

“That doesn’t make me a Covidiot it makes me a realist.

“Even if there is a credible vaccine just around the corner, what if it’s only 50% effective? What then? We need to learn to live with this virus.”

Others supported Mr Morgan’s views and called on him to use his platform to demand a pay rise for those working in the NHS.

One person wrote: “Health care professionals are having an extremely tough time. Most nurses have not had a decent pay increase over the last 3 years.


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