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Keith Simpson, Tory MP for Broadland, took a dig at Boris Johnson as he asked the Prime Minister a question about her meeting with US President Donald Trump.

Mr Simpson asked Theresa May if she was concerned the US President did not challenge Vladimir Putin over the Salisbury incident when President Trump met with the Russian President.

The Conservative MP could not help himself from taking a dig at Mr Johnson in the process.

Mr Simpson said: “Prime Minister should be commended for dealing with a giant ego, somebody who believes truth is fake news.

“And leaks continually – and I’m not referring to the Right Honourable member for Uxbridge.”

The quip at the former Foreign Secretary sparked a number of MPs in the chamber to begin laughing.

Mr Johnson was filmed turning around and staring sternly at Mr Simpson before the MP for Broadland continued with his point.

He said: “I am of course referring to President Trump.

“He has acted in a bizarre way over intelligence.

“I know Prime Minister has to work with him but is she not alarmed at the way in which he refused to challenge President Putin over the activity which resulted in the death of a woman here in Salisbury.”

Prime Minister Mrs May replied: “I understand there have been clarifications of some of the statements that President Trump made.

“I did raise the incident in Salisbury, what happened in Salisbury and the fact that we have seen someone here in the UK here die as a result of contact with a nerve agent.

“I did raise that with President Trump.

“Of course, at the time that we took immediate action after the Salisbury attack when we had been able to attribute that to Russia, the United States stood alongside us as did many other countries across the world and took action against Russia which showed a united international front that gave a very clear message that we would not accept this behaviour.”

The dig at Mr Johnson comes after the former Foreign Secretary saw his resignation speech in the Commons pushed back to around 3pm.

The government has three urgent questions following PMQs leaving Mr Johnson’s resignation speech shunted to mid-afternoon when the House of Commons is likely to be rather less full than just after PMQs.

Mr Johnson left the cabinet last Monday following disagreements with Mrs May on her Chequers Plan for Brexit.



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