Prince Charles and Camilla’s Germany trip sparks outrage – ‘they should lead by example!’ | Royal | News (Reports)


Prince Charles, 71, and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, 73, will lead the nation in marking Remembrance Day as they visit the grave of the unknown warrior to pay respects on Wednesday. However, the royal couple’s Remembrance Day engagements won’t end there as they prepare to make an important trip abroad at the weekend.

On Tuesday it was announced the royal couple would travel to Germany on Sunday to mark the nation’s Remembrance Day with senior politicians.

ITV royal correspondent Chris Ship tweeted about the engagement, he wrote: “Prince Charles and Camilla will travel to Germany this weekend after being invited to attend the Central Remembrance Ceremony at the Bundestag in Berlin for the first time.

“They were asked by the President of Germany, Frank-Walter Steinmeier.”

In a second tweet, the royal expert added: “The 2 day trip to Germany is the first official royal overseas visit since the coronavirus pandemic hit.

“Charles and Camilla will both be tested before they travel.

“They’ve been asked to attend Germany’s National Day of Mourning at the Bundestag on Sunday by the UK Government.”

What are the current Government guidelines around travel to Germany?

The government website states: “From November 5 to December 2 2020, travelling away from home, including internationally, is restricted from England except in limited circumstances such as for work or for education.

“Different rules apply in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. You must follow all the rules that apply to you.”

The UK is one of Germany’s designated a “high risk” areas which means the following restrictions apply upon entering the country.

If in the 10 days before you travel to Germany, you have been in an area designated as presenting an increased risk of infection, you must register online in advance of travelling to Germany.

This online registration process replaces the paper landing cards previously required for travellers from risk areas.

On arrival, you must travel to your accommodation and quarantine there for 10 days.

After five days it is possible to secure release from quarantine with a negative test.


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