Prince Charles is ‘mortified’ by The Crown – but son Prince Harry is forced to ‘stay quiet | Royal | News (Reports)


Prince Charles’ friends have said that the Prince of Wales is mortified and furious about his depiction in The Crown. TalkRadio host Kevin O’Sullivan and royal commentator Russel Myers discussed how the Royal Family would be feeling about the controversy. They added Prince Harry is likely to stay quiet as he has recently signed a deal with Netflix.

Mr Myers said: “The Royal Family have actually remained silent on this.

“It is the kind of ‘put up and shut up’ attitude, never complain and never explain.

“Certain things are obviously leaking out, like his friends saying that he is not being too happy about his portrayal.

“I can’t imagine the rest of the Royal Family are too pleased about it.

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“We know that some of them have watched it in the past but I think they will be steering clear or watching it behind the sofa as no one comes off well in it.”

The pair then discussed how Prince Harry has recently signed a deal with Netflix which has made things difficult.

They agreed, if he complained about the depictions it could sour his relationship with the streaming giant.

Mr O’Sullivan said: “Charles is apparently mortified by it and you can’t blame him after looking at how he is depicted.

The Crown has also faced criticism for revelling in the free publicity and not putting a disclaimer before the show begins to reiterate it is a work of fiction. 

Mr Myers said: “There is a lot of anger around how Prince Charles and Princess Diana are portrayed, most notably.

“There is a lot of coverage of Princess Diana’s mental health, her struggle with bulimia.

“Prince Charles is basically being painted as a tyrant who is having affairs left right and centre.

“The fact is, it is a drama and a lot of people are getting carried away here however there are a lot of people who are younger and might not know the history behind The Crown and are taking it all at face level.”


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