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The second national lockdown in England will officially end on December 2 and the Prime Minister has outlined a plan to divide the country into three tiers. The regional approach will place 99 percent of the UK into the toughest tier 2 and tier 3 restrictions – which will enforce curbs on the hospitality sector and a ban households mixing indoors.

Environment Secretary George Eustice has warned up to 100 Tory backbench MPs could vote down the plans in the Commons on Tuesday.

Conservative rebels are seeking concrete reassurances over the health and economic benefits of the tier-based system amid growing anger from constituents in low-risk areas.

But despite Mr Johnson facing a revolt over the vote, results from an poll urged MPs not to block the vote.

The poll – which ran from 10am to 10pm – asked whether MPs should block the Prime Minister’s three-tier system and received 5,994 votes.

In the tight results, 50 percent (2,970) urged MPs not to block the crunch vote tomorrow.

Up to 49 percent (2,965) said MPs should block the vote, while just one precent (59) said they didn’t know.

One person said: “My thinking is that anyone who doesn’t want to abide by the Government rules should be allowed to opt out.

“They can fill out an online form saying they opt out of the covid pandemic and any NHS services they or any member of their family may require if they become infected, including any vaccine.”

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A fifth reader continued: “His tier system is completely nonsense, we were in tier one before the lockdown, but we will be in tier two after lockdown where I am.

“Where is the logic in that?”

Someone else simply said: “Of course they should vote against it, but they won’t.

“Don’t have the guts.”

This comes as Sir Keir Starmer ordered Labour MPs to abstain from the crunch vote tomorrow.

He said: “Coronavirus remains a serious threat to the public’s health and that’s why Labour accept the need for continued restrictions.

“We will always act in the national interest, so we will not vote against these restrictions in Parliament tomorrow.

“However, I remain deeply concerned that Boris Johnson’s Government has failed to use this latest lockdown to put a credible health and economic plan in place.

“We still don’t have a functioning testing system, public health messaging is confused, and businesses across the country are crying out for more effective economic support to get them through the winter months.

“It is short-term Government incompetence that is causing long-term damage to the British economy.

“It is imperative that the Government gets control of the virus so that our NHS can be protected and our economy recovers faster.”


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