Prince Charles makes emotional plea for huge cause – ‘Best of British community spirit!’ | Royal | News (Reports)


The Prince of Wales spoke ahead of this year’s annual Macmillan Coffee Morning, due on Friday 25. It is the event’s 30th anniversary, and past occasions have raised several million pounds in funding.

It encourages people to go out to any venue taking part in the coffee morning to buy hot drinks and cakes in order to raise money for the cancer charity.

The Prince highly praised the regular initiative, dubbing it “the very best of British community spirit.”

Prince Charles said: “Macmillan works tirelessly across all areas – physical, emotional and financial – to support people when they need it most.

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“It truly represents the very best of British community spirit – and, in current times, we are learning just how powerful communities can be, especially in a crisis.”

“At the end of the day, that patient is somebody’s family – their mum or dad or brother or sister or husband or wife.

“You know, they’re important, and that could be one of your family there, so treat them accordingly.”

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Last year, coffee mornings across the UK raised almost £27,500,000 – enough to pay the wages of 516 Macmillan cancer nurses for a year.

Coffee mornings can be held almost anywhere, including on a doorstep at home, at the office, or at schools.

They are an important source of revenue for Macmillan; 98 percent of the charity’s income comes from public donations or fundraising events.

The timing of this year’s coffee morning is also crucial. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the charity could lose up to one third of its donation money, PA claims.

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Due to the UK government’s new ‘Rule of Six’ coronavirus restrictions, participants in this year’s coffee morning are being encouraged to be extra aware of social distancing.

This could involve hosting a stall on their doorstep or raising money in ways that do not involve direct interaction with the public, such as uploading a selfie and donating to Macmillan separately.


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