Prince Harry caught swearing in James Corden interview ‘Clean it up Harry!’ – VIDEO | Royal | News (Reports)


Prince Harry and James Corden covered an arrange of topics during the Duke’s interview on The Late Late Show. During one clip the pair drank tea on a bus as it drove through California’s Interstate 405. 

During the interview, the bus swerved leading to tea falling on the Duke of Sussex.

Mr Corden said: “Now look, we are on the 405, look at us bringing a bit of class.”

Prince Harry replied: “James you have got carpool karaoke, maybe I can do English tea on the 405?”

Mr Corden said: “English tea on the 405, why not?

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“Get in on Netflix, it is an absolute winner.”

The Duke of Sussex added: “That would be cool, there is an idea.”

The bus then swerved and the tea fell onto the Duke of Sussex.

Prince Harry swore as he said: “There is tea on the floor, that is not a good idea.”

Another tweeted: James Corden and Prince Harry was a duo I never really thought I needed until now.”

A third wrote:  “I was a fan Prince Harry before but after watching him and James Corden, I love this guy even more.”

A fourth tweeted: “Prince Harry just gave one of his most candid interviews ever during an appearance on The Late Late Show with James Corden.”

A fifth said: “The James Corden and Prince Harry interview/segment is brilliant.”


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