RAF mid-air emergency: British fighter jet sparks alert after off coast of Wales | UK | News (Reports)


Jet ZK027 has issued a 7700 squawk, indicating a general emergency. The plane had been flying off the coast of Holyhead in west Wales when it issued the alert. The jet is a Valley Hawk T2, which is used to train pilots to fly at speed. 

Aviation observers expressed alarm at the squawk on Twitter.

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One said: “ZK027 is off radar now.”

Another said: “I get alerts whenever a plane calls an emergency and a RAF Jet REG ZK027 has just stopped dead there, now there’s another Jet going towards it.”

A third said the plane “has either landed or gone out of range wearing 7700”.

A 7700 squark is understood to be a common alert which could indicate an incident has occurred or there is a problem with the aircraft.

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As the jet has gone off the radar, it is likely to have already landed.

The RAF will confirm what has happened shortly.

This is a breaking story, more to follow…


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