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When Meghan Markle and Prince Harry announced their plans to step down as senior royals in January, they stated they would “work to become financially independent” from the Royal Family, while “continuing to fully support Her Majesty the Queen”. It appears that they have now achieved that goal. As well as paying back the renovation costs of their home in the UK, Frogmore Cottage, they are no longer receiving any financial support from Prince Charles.

Speaking to People, a source close to the Sussexes shared that while Prince Charles was formerly helping them with “some ongoing living costs” after they moved to the US, they are no longer receiving any financial support after signing their multimillion dollar Netflix deal.

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In a statement last week, Meghan and Harry announced that they would focus on “creating content that informs but also gives hope” in their partnership with the streaming platform.

Even without alternative income, though, the couple should have had plenty to tide them.

In 1994, the Queen Mother, placed two-thirds of her money – an estimated £19million – into a trust fund for her great-grandchildren, including William and Harry.

According to the Guardian, the brothers split about £6million of this trust at age 21.

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Prince Harry – who turned 36 on Tuesday – took the majority of that money to “compensate for not becoming sovereign”.

Queen Elizabeth understood that William would be much better off financially once he inherited the throne than Harry and decided to ensure that he was never wanting for money.

A further £8million is yet to be split on their 40th birthday.

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Apart from everything he has inherited so far, William will also get a considerable bump in pay once Charles takes the crown.

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When that happens, William will gain the title of the Prince of Wales, and part of his duties will include managing the Duchy of Cornwall.

This is a private estate that features thousands of acres and pretty much funds everything the Prince of Wales does.

It is unknown how much William will earn from the estate, but Charles got around £27million in 2018 alone.

That will likely increase as the years go by, depending on when William gets his promotion.


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