Prince Harry is developing ‘laid back’ US accent like Meghan Markle – expert | Royal | News (Reports)


Meghan and Harry have bought a multi-million dollar house in California since crossing the pondThe Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s Spotify podcast, Archewell Audio, shows Harry using several American expressions, which experts believe is a sign he is mimicking Meghan.

Jennifer Dorman, expert sociolinguist at language learning app Babbel, noted the Duke has taken to mimicking his wife’s accent throughout the podcast.

Ms Dorman told Cosmopolitan: “The expression ‘You guys’ comes up, an American phrase that Harry used to address listeners in both the podcast teaser and during the podcast.

“In the premiere episode, he even uses the typically American term ‘awesome’ – something which elicits a giggle from his American wife when used.

“Harry says things like ‘love always wins’ and ‘the power within us’: two very positive, uplifting phrases which many of us would associate with the optimistic attitude of our cousins over the pond.”

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Ms Dorman explained adopting local accents “increases comprehension and social connection with the people around us”.

She added: “It could be that Prince Harry has started to borrow American phrases and words in order to fit in and be understood better by American press, and this could become so habitual that he uses these words when speaking to Brits and Americans alike.

“Or he may just be mimicking his wife: interacting at a close level with someone all the time can cause us to pick up their speaking habits.”

It comes after other experts have weighed in on the Duke’s change in speech since leaving the UK.

Judi James, behavioural expert, said to FEMAIL Harry’s accent is “pretty much mid-everything: mid-Atlantic, mid-London and mid-Estuary English”.

She said Harry’s accent, at times, “would probably sound right in the Queen Vic in Eastenders”.

BBC presenter Sangita Myska also noted Harry’s accent, commenting on Twitter: “He’s gone a little Estuary English, no?”


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