Prince Harry: Queen may ‘strip’ Harry of key title after turning monarchy into ‘cash cow’ | Royal | News (Reports)


The Queen may be thinking about taking away Prince Harry’s ‘prince’ title if he does not comply with the rules of his probationary period away from the Royal Family, an insider has claimed. Queen Elizabeth II agreed to let Harry and Meghan Markle move to the US after they stepped down from the Royal Family at the end of March – but there were rules they were supposed to follow.

Just six months into the arrangement, the Queen is said to be “furious” with Meghan and Harry for allegedly going against the terms of their Megxit deal.

Life & Style reports a well-placed royal insider has claimed the Queen is thinking about taking away Harry’s key title, which he is seemingly using to profit financially.

The source said: “[Harry has] since broken practically every rule in the [Queen’s] book.

“He has been pushing his grandmother’s buttons from the moment he stepped foot on US soil and now she’s furious and making Harry pay the ultimate price – she’s stripping him of his ‘prince’ title.”

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During negotiations for Meghan and Harry’s exit, the Queen reportedly agreed for the Sussexes to undergo a year-long probation period, as long as they did not use their HRH titles and let go of their Sussex Royal brand.

But, with reports the couple has secured lucrative multi-million-pound deals with streaming giant Netflix and the Harry Walker Agency in New York, the Queen is said to be livid.

The source explained: “The Queen is angry that Harry is going about seemingly using his title for gain, like with the Netflix deal.

“It is as if the monarchy is being turned into a trashy cash cow.”

In reference to Meghan’s Disney+ appearance, the insider said: “Everybody loves elephants and inspirational stories.

“But, let’s be honest, that’s never going to pull in big money.”

The publication said the Sussexes have collected “homemade” video clips while living in the Royal Family.

The source added: “But footage filmed by Meghan and Harry as they left The Firm? Now that’s a $200million show!”

Meghan and Harry have also recently come under fire for their involvement in the US election.

Speaking in a Time 100 video message, the Duchess of Sussex said the presidential race was “the most important election of our lifetime”, as the couple appealed to Americans to exercise their right to vote.

Prince Harry told viewers: “As we approach this November, it’s vital that we reject hate speech, misinformation and online negativity.”

The couple did not directly endorse a candidate, however, their comments were interpreted by many as being pro-Joe Biden and anti-Donald Trump, with the US President later saying: ‘I’m not a fan of hers.”


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