Prince Harry’s ‘outspokenness’ pushed Queen ‘into a corner’ over military titles | Royal | News (Reports)


Ms Elser also pointed out there is no royal precedent for Harry to be stripped of his tiles because he “was off to the US to make his own way in the world”.

Citing historical royals, she added: “There is precedent for non-working members of the Queen’s family to also hold honorary military roles. For example, Prince Michael of Kent, who is a businessman, has seven of them.”

But the writer also noted Harry and Meghan’s “controversial” comments ahead of the US election, and referenced a royal aide who said to the Times: “He dearly wants to hang on to the Royal Marines and the military appointments. That will be harder now.”

Ms Elser then added: “Looking back, Harry has not exactly gone out of his way to stay on the Queen’s good side.”


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