Princess Anne kickstarts Queen’s ‘New Firm’ era with visit just hours after royal shake-up | Royal | News (Reports)


Earlier this week, Princess Anne visited Barka Parka, a small business in Somerset which has been making dog beds since 1979. The Princess Royal spoke with this venture’s owners, Emma Aitken and Richard Burdett, about the impact the coronavirus pandemic is having on their business. 

During her socially-distanced visit, Princess Anne also met Janet Coffman, who founded the company four decades ago and was shown how the dog beds are made. 

This business, the Queen’s only daughter heard, strives to keep the manufacturing of its product within the country and sources most of the material it uses from across the UK. 

During the engagement, Princess Anne was also introduced to the company’s efforts to become entirely plastic-free and eco-friendly. 

As the Princess Royal was told, Barka Parka has now started crafting pet beds with BioFoam as a filling rather than polystyrene.  

This plant-based material is carbon neutral in the manufacturing process and compostable. 



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