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Princess Charlotte has been described as a “mini me” version of Prince William by royal watchers who welcomed with excitement the 2020 Christmas card of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. One fan of the family-of-five wrote on Twitter: “Charlotte is William’s mini me, and William used to be Diana’s”.

In the picture, Princess Charlotte, five, sits on her mother Kate’s lap and looks confidently into the camera lenses.

Her father Prince William smiles sitting close to her, showing an uncanny resemblance with his daughter.

Another royal fan tweeted: “I love this deeply all around but am very into Charlotte being William’s twin and her alphabet sweater!”

Replying to this user, a third royal fan wrote: “Right! Charlotte is all William. Especially those eyes. 

“The boys are pure Middleton. Maybe the balding gene skipped them too!”

Finally, another royal fan added: “They’re a beautiful and happy family. I agree that Charlotte looks like William.

“Louis is a blast! I’m glad George is smiling now.”

Kate and Prince William’s Christmas card was shared on the Cambridges’ social media accounts yesterday evening. 

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Upon sharing the picture, taken by photographer Matt Porteous, Kensington Palace wrote: “The Duke and Duchess are delighted to share a new image of their family, which features on their Christmas card this year”.

In the sweet portrait, each member of the family wears a cosy jumper and smiles.

Prince George leans against his dad, while Prince Louis stands between William’s legs while laughing with joy. 


This snap was still hugely welcomed by royal fans despite having already been seen by many over the weekend, when a copy of this card reportedly addressed to NHS workers was published on a royal fan page on Facebook.

Kate and Prince William’s card was officially released shortly before the one shared by Prince Charles and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall.

In the picture chosen for their card, the couple sit on a bench in the garden at their Scottish home in Birkhall.

Camilla, dressed in jeans, a casual shirt and blue jacket, smiles and leans towards her husband.

This snap was taken bu a member of Charles and Camilla’s snap, much like the photograph released in April to celebrate their wedding anniversary.

Many royal fans on Twitter welcomed this intimate snap, with one saying: “Such a great photo of these two lovebirds.

“This garden is spectacular. I can see why they love it there.

“Wishing The Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall a very Happy Holiday season!” 

Another wrote: “This is a beautiful photo of the future King and Queen. Merry Xmas @ClarenceHouse.”

A third added: “They belong together. Love both of them.”

While little is known about the Cambridges’ plans for Christmas, Prince Charles and Camilla are believed to be spending December 25 together in Gloucestershire.

However, the prince and the duchess are also reportedly planning to split over the festive period to be able to visit respectively the Queen and Prince Philip and Camilla’s children and grandchildren while abiding by Government’s rules on coronavirus.   


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