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Royal expert Marlene Koenig insisted Queen Elizabeth II was “going gangbusters” regarding her public presence and popularity. During an interview with Express.co.uk, she discussed the likelihood of the Queen abdicating the throne. She noted that this was unlikely to happen as the Queen’s popularity is high, she is in good health and made a promise as head of the monarchy when she was 21. 

She did admit that the Queen is passing more duties down to her son Prince Charles, however.

Ms Koenig said: “If Her Majesty becomes ill, the 1937 and 1953 regency acts come into play and the Charles would be the Regent.

“This is just as the Prince of Wales was Regent for George III, so I would be very surprised if the Queen decided she wanted to step down.

“The Queen’s life has been one of service and right now she is going gangbusters.

“People are seeing more of the Queen now than other people in the world.

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“She is making sure she is still being seen and doing different things.

“But for the past number of years more and more things have been passed to Prince Charles so he can take on things in preparation.”

Ms Koenig reiterated that unless the Queen became unwell she will continue to do her duties and remain head of the monarchy while Prince Charles prepares to take over.

She also highlighted the promise the Queen made enforcing this fact in her 21st birthday speech which indicated she would be head monarch until her death.

She said “Go back to when Princess Elizabeth turned 21 years old.

“She gave a speech, I will paraphrase it, she said whether my life is long or short I will be there to serve you.

“Abdication is a dirty word for the British monarchy.”


The royal expert closed by saying: “Unless there is a real change of thought by the Queen, but for the moment I am not seeing that in view of her 21st birthday speech.

“I certainly think if her mental acuity started to decline there would be a movement to bring about the regency acts.

“But for the moment, she is going gangbusters, still going and doing what she does within the limitations of coronavirus.

“The fact she is still doing these things I dare to think that there would be an act of Parliament to change the succession.”


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