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Worried royal fans expressed their annoyance at fellow Twitter users after realising the hashtag trending in the UK “The Queen Is Dead” was not referring to the current monarch. Many branded the use of this hashtag sick and disrespectful. 

One social media user, Aleksandar, wrote on the platform: “How disgusting people can be?

“Don’t you have even a bit of decency to play with this so lightly?

“This really makes me sick. I wish her well, and her family too.”

Another Twitter user, Alex, added: “Sick of seeing misleading hashtags. 

“This is 100 percent fake news, for someone who uses Twitter for news and gossip, this is getting beyond a joke, the joke is even in massively bad taste to Twitter, can you stop these hashtags?

“Especially fake news like this.”

Twitter user Suki added: “This is sick man, first Jeremy Clarkson now the Queen, some people on Twitter need to get a life.”

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The Queen’s heath has been the focus of several jokes on Twitter over the past few years.

In July, thousands of people contributed to make “#ripQueenElizabeth” one of the most popular trending topics over a single night.

A royal fan, Nelson Mario, understanding this hashtag was a spoof, reacted saying: “#AsWeBritsLikeToSay boll***s to #ripQueenElizabeth, long may she reign!” 


Unlike in July, today’s hashtag didn’t start as a joke at the expenses of royal fans.

In fact, the hashtag refers to The Smiths’ album The Queen Is Dead.

The platinum disc for this album has been put up for auction on Just Giving to raise money for an organisation helping people affected by homelessness, drugs and alcohol-related problems and mental health issues – Back On Track Manchester.

As its patron Mike Joyce publicised the Just Giving link, the name of the album became a popular trending topic on Twitter. 

Untouched by hashtags on social media, the Queen is in good health and is preparing to travel from Balmoral Castle to Sandringham Estate.

The monarch and Prince Philip will spend two weeks together at Wood Farm, a five-bedroom cottage which has been the main residence of the Duke since 2017.

The Queen, as announced by Buckingham Palace, will return in southern England in October.

While she will continue to be based at Windsor Castle, she will travel to her working residence in London to carry out a few engagements over the autumn. 

The Queen and Prince Philip have spent more than five months self-isolating together.

The Duke of Edinburgh was helicoptered to Windsor Castle on March 19, on the same day the monarch was transferred to her Berkshire residence from Buckingham Palace.

The pair remained in Windsor until early August, surrounded only by a few members of their staff who cared for them in a COVID-secure environment.      


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