Queen news: ‘Horrible sense of remoteness’ as Royal Family separated | Royal | News (Reports)


The Queen, 94, and Prince Philip, 99, are spending Christmas together at Windsor Castle with a reduced household of staff in what has been dubbed HMS Bubble. They are having a quiet Christmas together without the rest of the royals. Sky News royal correspondent Alastair Bruce has claimed the Monarch has been trying to “play her part” despite enforced distancing measures.

Mr Bruce said: “Everyone has had this horrible sense of remoteness.

“This inability to hug, this inability to talk to people without endless covering over the face.

“I think a nation that has always been a bit reticent of human contact has found it difficult to deal with this enforced distance which is so unnatural in this modern world.

“For the Queen too, the fact she has had to see other members of her family at a distance or through a window or across a long corridor.

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“All these things are not natural.

“But in a way the Queen, who has been epitomised as a very senior citizen, what so many other people are dealing with.

“Of course she has had the support of a household around her but at the same time she’s been trying to play her part.”

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