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Queen may soon begin handing roles to Charles says expert

Her Majesty will celebrate a remarkable 69 years on the throne this year and is Britain’s longest-serving monarch. Many have speculated that the royal may step down after her 95th birthday in April – but insiders have dismissed the claim. The unnamed source denied the claim and stated that she was “in good fettle” and “well”.

The insider stated that neither the Queen’s “physical nor her mental health” were “waning”, in a People magazine article this week.

Royal commentator Richard Fitzwilliams noted that when Prince Charles ascends the throne, he will be the “most prepared” monarch in history. 

Despite this, he warned Express.co.uk that the royal could expect “a series of problems” due to the Netflix show The Crown. 

Mr Fitzwilliams also referenced that Princess Diana would “feature prominently in the news” in upcoming months.

He noted that The Crown’s next season will likely cover the death of the “People’s Princess” in 1997.

queen elizabeth ii prince charles king royal tour

The Queen will celebrate 69 years on the throne this year – our longest-serving monarch (Image: GETTY)

queen elizabeth ii prince charles king royal tour

Queen Elizabeth II has no plan to step down, an insider claimed amid fears over her health (Image: GETTY)

Mr Fitzwilliams also suggested that the inquiry into Princess Diana’s BBC Panorama interview will make the headlines and there is a new film titled Spencer, which stars Kristen Stewart. 

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While the Queen shows minimal signs of ill health, she has been forced to scale back her royal visits in recent years.

In December, Royal.uk reported that the Royal Family undertake 2,000 official engagements each year.

In 2019, Prince Charles topped the list for hardest working royal after he attended 521 functions. 

Princess Anne took on 506, the Queen did 295, Prince William did 220 and Kate Middleton did 126. 

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queen elizabeth ii prince charles king royal tour

Queen Elizabeth II is our longest serving monarch – here are her successors (Image: EXPRESS)

Royal engagements are viewed as a pivotal way for the UK to maintain international relationships, national unity, stability and to conduct charity work.

But not everyone sees them in such a positive light. 

Jonathan Ross claimed to “rather like the Royal Family” but admitted that they “shouldn’t be allowed to go abroad ever”.

He said: “I mean even for holidays because every time they go abroad it’s a disaster.

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queen elizabeth ii prince charles king royal tour

Jonathan Ross and Paul Merton took swipes at the Royal Family’s engagement and overseas duties (Image: BBC)

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“They’re supposed to be embassies of good will, they are meant to be our ambassadors.

“I imagine this is why they go away, so that people can have good positive thoughts about us – but no.

“Every time they go away… people will think we’re ridiculous.”

During Mr Ross’ rant, he blasted Prince Charles for looking “stupid” when he wore a number of traditional hats abroad.

He also took aim at Prince Philip for his “very advanced form of royal Tourette’s syndrome”.

queen elizabeth ii prince charles king royal tour

Jonathan Ross took a swipe at Prince Charles for wearing ‘silly hats’ while overseas for engagements (Image: BBC)

Mr Ross continued to joke that other nations did not take the Royal Family seriously and tried to humiliate them.

During a 2000 episode of Room 101, he acted out an imaginary scene where the Queen had been insulted. 

Mr Ross said: “It’s their way of getting back at us.

“When they go over there they say, ‘Tell you what, we’ll do this… dance for them’ and we’ll claim, ‘It’s a kind of traditional dance’.

“The Queen’s sitting there quite confused, and she says, ‘Why are they sticking their tongues out at us?’ 

Queen urged to see reign through ‘to the end’ by expert

“And they’ll say, ‘Well ma’am, that’s tradition’.

“‘Why are they doing that thing with their hands?’ – ‘Well, they’re just waving at Prince Philip’. And the Queen, bless her, she’s had a difficult life.”

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Room 101 host Paul Merton revealed some of the Queen’s riders – her demands while travelling abroad.

He claimed that she “actually insisted” on things when going to various hotels and claimed there were a few “unsuitable things”.

Mr Merton said: “Duvets – they can’t have duvets, she must have cotton sheets.”

queen elizabeth ii prince charles king royal tour

Queen Elizabeth II is our longest-reigning monarch – here are the future royals (Image: EXPRESS)

“Bloody meat, they don’t like – which I presume is raw meat rather than just sort of like ‘bloody meat’ or ‘bleeding pasta.’”

Mr Ross quipped that if “someone gave Prince Charles some bloody meat” he would “probably wear it”.

He continued to argue that the Royal Family were “not taken seriously” during their trips overseas.

Mr Ross suggested that as the reason for them should be plunged into Room 101.

He said: “I think you have to Paul [Merton] because I’ve argued quite eloquently.” 

Mr Merton commented that Mr Ross “hadn’t stopped talking” before he agreed that Royal Family tours had to be stopped.

He said: “You are quite right really, it does make us look completely ridiculous – so no, it’s definitely going into Room 101.”


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