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The Queen is unlikely to strip Meghan and Prince Harry of their royal titles, according to royal author Robert Lacey. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex don’t want to give them up, the expert believes. 

Moreover, a similar decision could have severe repercussion not just on the Duke and Duchess of Sussex but also on the Crown the monarch has sworn to serve and protect, Mr Lacey thinks.

Asked whether he thought Meghan and Harry could be stripped of their titles in the future, the author told Express.co.uk: “I would imagine that if this is the way ahead, it will be presented as them doing it to their own accord.

“I think for the Queen to strip them of their title would be a damaging act for their reputation and the reputation of the monarchy.”

Meghan and Prince Harry became HRH The Duke and Duchess of Sussex on the day of their wedding, May 19 2018. 

These titles were bestowed upon them by the Queen as a wedding present.

While the couple continue to use their royal titles of Duke and Duchess, they have stopped using in public the His/Her Royal Highness styles after they officially stepped down as senior royals on March 31.

This move is in accordance with the agreement struck in January by the Queen, Prince Charles, Prince William and Prince Harry, after he and Meghan announced their intention to step back as senior royals.  

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The terms of the so-called Megxit deal will be reviewed in March next year, as revealed in February by a royal insider.

They said: “The Royal Family and Sussexes have agreed to an initial 12-month review to ensure the arrangement works for all parties”.

Mr Lacey believes there is the possibility for this review to make important changes to the current agreement. 


As previously reported by Express.co.uk, he said: “There are two titles involved, there is the HRH status and then there is the actual title of Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

“Obviously if the review in March concludes they can’t stay working royals, then it’s quite likely they would lose or forfeit their HRH styles.

“They have already put it into suspension.

“The way it is presented at the moment is that they are HRH but they choose not to use it, it doesn’t say that they are banned from using it. 

“If this develops in the future, I think it will be presented in the same way – they choose not to be royals anymore.

“That doesn’t mean they give up their titles.

“The Queen has bestowed them these titles.

“The world is full of people with British titles and they are free to do what they like.  

“Just like any other aristocrat, their title is with them for life, they may choose not to use it because for most of the world Harry and Meghan are the star names which commands the fascination of people all over the world.”

A title can be held by whoever has been bestowed it, while an HRH style is given only to people close to the line to the throne. 

Another royal author, Nigel Cawthorne, had previously said he does not believe Meghan and Harry would ever give up their titles of Duke and Duchess, as it could be seen as an offensive move against the Queen.

The author of Prince Andrew: Epstein and the Palace, told this publication: “I don’t think there is the slightest chance that the Sussexes will give up their titles.

“They were a wedding present by the Queen to the married couple and it would be a very ungrateful gesture to relinquish these titles as it would, in effect, be a snub to Harry’s grandmother the Queen.”    


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