Rapid Covid test for NHS staff missed more than 50% of positive cases, it is claimed | UK | News (Reports)


The OptiGene Direct RT-Lamp test, which will be deployed to test hospital workers in Liverpool next week, reportedly identified only 46 per cent of infections in a trial last month. Scientists from Greater Manchester’s mass testing group said they have “significant concerns” about the test and that cases may not be detected.

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The rapid tests take less than 20 minutes to provide a result.

The Department of Health said it was “incorrect” to suggest the Lamp test had low sensitivity and said it had been validated in a number of other trials.

Professor Mark Wilcox, of the department’s Technical Validation Group, said: “The Lamp tests used in Manchester have been validated in other laboratories and in real-world testing for use in different settings.”

Meanwhile, a scientist has warned the NHS Test and Trace system has made no difference to the spread of coronavirus.

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James Naismith, a professor at Oxford University, said the system was only reaching a fraction of the number of people who should be contacted.


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