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Kate and Prince William often stop to exchange a few words with royal fans and during their visits and engagements. However, one royal rule prevents the pair from leaving their well-wishers with a memento of their meeting in the form of a signature out of fear of it being forged. The Duke and Duchess have strictly followed this royal rule much like any other senior member of the Royal Family. 

Meghan Markle, who had become used to be stopped by fans of the successful TV show Suits for a picture and an autograph, has never failed to abide by this regulation.

Prince Charles has a go-to answer which helps him politely turn down a fan’s request.

Whenever asked for an autograph, he says: “Sorry, they don’t allow me to do that”.

However, the Prince of Wales is known to have breached this royal rule once under extraordinary circumstances. 

While he was visiting St Blazey in the aftermath of devastating torrential downpours, Prince Charles heard the story of a couple, Meg and Tony Hendy, whose home had been deluged with water and mud.

As they were saying goodbye, Meg asked Prince Charles: “Can I be really cheeky please sir and can I have your autograph for my young son Tom?

“I’m not sure if you do autographs but it would make his day?”

According to a photographer at the scene, the Prince of Wales was so touched by the revelation and the family he produced a scrap of paper and wrote ‘Charles 2010’ on it.  

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Photographer Paul Williams, who saw Prince Charles signing a piece of paper for the couple, said: “As everyone knows Royal protocol means that the Queen and Prince Charles never give autographs.

“They may sign visitors books or official documents, but autographs never.

“Charles astounded his protection squad and asked them to find him some paper, which they did.

“Then with a detective holding a file for him to rest on, he whipped out his Royal Parker pen and scribbled ‘CHARLEY 2010’ on it.

“They’ve gone from the depths of despair losing all of their belongings just before Christmas to having a Royal visit and obtaining an unheard of souvenir.”


8am update: Camilla Duchess of Cornwall picture ‘contains 3 hints she will be Queen’, expert claims

Camilla’s portrait released yesterday by Clarence House contains three key signs she will be Prince Charles’s Queen Consort, a body language expert said.

Expert Judi James told “There are three nods here to the idea that she will take the title of Queen when Charles is crowned.

“The first is that the posing and composition of the portrait is simple but there is a regal look to the background.

“The second is that Camilla’s choice of suit has a tailored, military styling to set off the brooch that features the Regiment’s Silber bugle design.

“The brooch is worn high and, in the style of the current Queen, almost in place of medals.”


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