Royal Family news: Duchess of Cornwall promises to help domestic abuse victims | Royal | News (Reports)


The Duchess hailed SafeLives, which she is a patron of, over its work helping victims of domestic abuse. She did so during a conversation with the charity’s chief executive Suzanne Jacob, who updated the royal on their latest programme’s new developments.

The entity had launched the Ask for Ani (Action Needed Immediately) programme on January 14 in a bid to allow victims to discreetly get help.

Pharmacies partaking in the scheme – more than 2,000 facilities – offer a safe space for anyone bringing up the codeword Ani.

A trained pharmacy employee will then ask the purported domestic abuse victim whether they need to call the police or other available services.

Camilla who also spoke to Rachel Williams, a pioneer for the charity and survivor of domestic abuse, said of the scheme: “It’s pure brilliance because it’s so simple, yet so effective.”

The Duchess added: “My heart is well and truly in it so I’d really like to do anything to help all these wonderful people.”

Ms Jacobs said: “One of the women who has used the scheme already had been in an abusive situation for 20 years and now she’s in a place of safety.

“It’s a really simple thing, but it can change people’s lives.”

In 2011, Ms Williams was shot by her husband after she filed for divorce after enduring 18 years of domestic violence.

Camilla added: ”What, one is quite enough?”

Ms Williams later told HELLO! Camilla is very “passionate” and truly takes an interest in “what’s happening with domestic abuse currently.”

She added: “She’s really got a heart for helping to stamp this out once and for all.”

She also addressed domestic abuse victims offering words of advice for them.

Ms Williams said: “There is help out there, you are not alone. There is life after domestic abuse and violence. Reach out because there is always somebody waiting to reach in.”


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