Russia news: Putin deploys secret spy agents to WEAPONISE Ebola – experts fear attack | UK | News (Reports)


According to experts, Putin has deployed the secret FSB spy group, Unit 68240 to develop a chemical attack. Codenamed operation Toledo, the group is thought to be researching the Ebola and the Marbug viruses. Unit 68240 is spearheading the Toledo programme in order to weaponise the two viruses which are extremely deadly.

The unit also has ties to the 33rd Central research Institute which helped develop the nerve agent Novichok – the same drug used in the Salisbury attacks.

Both that and the 48th Central Research Institute were both given sanctions by the US over allegations of producing chemical weapons.

With both alleged to be involved in chemical weapon production, a UK intelligence source told The Mirror: “Both Russia and the UK have labs studying biological and chemical warfare to learn how to defend against weapons such as Novichok.

“It could mean Russia potentially stepping up research on Ebola and Marburg and looking at its lethality as a weapon.”

The Marburg virus is known to have a 88 percent fatality rate and was responsible for two outbreaks in Frankfurt and Belgrade in Serbia.

Although Ebola has a mortality rate of 50 percent, an outbreak between 2014 and 2016 killed 11,000 people in Africa.

This warning comes as Defence Secretary, Ben Wallace warned of Russia’s biological warfare capability.

During a visit to Estonia, Mr Wallace warned thousands could be at risk in the UK if Russia were to deploy a second attack similar to what happened in Salisbury.

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Dawn Sturgess, however, later died after coming in contact with a contaminated perfume bottle.

Her partner, Charlie Rowley was also contaminated along with detective Nick Bailey, both survived the attack.

Mr Wallace told The Daily Telegraph: “That type of nerve agent delivered differently could kill thousands of people.

“I mean that is a quite an extraordinary thing to do in this day and age.

“Russian behaviour is not within the norms it used to be.

“I think we would always urge them to improve the relationships and comply with the international rule of law and make sure we go back to a good relationship.”


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