Sadiq Khan pleads with Londoners to support economy or face shops closing and job losses | UK | News (Reports)


The Mayor of London told Sky News that London shops need support during the “golden month” for high street sales. Mr Khan added that Londoners fail to support shops they will close and people will lose their jobs.  

The Mayor of London said: “Across the country more than 100,000 jobs have been lost in retail.

“In the west end alone, they project they have lost £5 billion worth of sales

“This quarter is known as the golden quarter and this month is the golden month.

“It is really important that as we are in tier two in London it is possible for retail to be open.

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“My message to Londoners is to shop safely.

“These shops need us if we don’t support them don’t be surprised if many of them close down and people lose their jobs.”

On Thursday Mr Khan was slammed for letting part of London “die”. 

During an appearance on LBC, the London Mayor was grilled on his inaction on lobbying the Government. 

“Why are you not lobbying the Government to get people back to work?

“People are now happy to be working from home. I would argue that some people have had the best eight months of their lives working from home.

“They’re saving a lot of money, they’re not buying any lunches.

“Meanwhile, the part of London that is responsible for 25 percent of the country’s GDP is dying. And you’re letting it die.”


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