Sadiq Khan using the UK Government and Brexit as scapegoats for London ‘falling apart’ | UK | News (Reports)


Susan Hall told that England’s capital city is falling apart under Mr Khan’s watch. Ms Hall also criticised the London Mayor’s approach to COBRA meetings with the UK Government and his management of Transport for London (TfL). 

Ms Hall said: “I think it has been awful, all he has wanted to do is blame the Government for anything that goes wrong.

“Clearly, we are in an epidemic and nobody knew how it would play out.

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“He was invited to a COBRA meeting and gave a statement straight away.

“We all know that COBRA meetings are supposed to be kept private.

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“As a Mayor, all he ever does is talks about things he cannot affect like Brexit.

“But all the things that go wrong under his watch like TfL, he will not work with the Government.

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“I think he is absolutely appalling and London is falling apart at the moment when you look at it.”

A spokesman for the Mayor of London said in response to Ms Hall’s comments: “Sadiq makes no apology whatsoever for standing up for London.

“He was invited to a meeting and the first thing he did was to come out of that meeting and break that meeting’s confidentiality.

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“He told us that school might be closed down, which could have caused a great panic.

“He was asked not to divulge any information and he did. So that’s why he cannot be trusted.”

Mr Bailey added: “The Government won’t speak to me because everything they tell him, it turns into a political game.”


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