Santa brings much-needed Christmas cheer early as he’s spotted in clouds over UK | UK | News (Reports)


Peter Gorman was in his kitchen when he saw he fluffy Father Christmas – complete with a bushy beard. Santa appears to be gazing into the distance away from Peter’s home in Dunkeswell, Devon on Wednesday. He shared the image on Facebook, and one friend commented: “Father Christmas is coming.”

Sharing the image, Peter wrote: “Took this photo from my Kitchen window, Is that the Fat Happy blokes face in the Cloud. Ho ho ho.”

Social media users were quick to comment on the post, with many agreeing the image look just like Santa Claus but some saying it looked more like Homer Simpson.

Michelle Kray wrote: “Wow! That definitely looks like Father Christmas!”

Neil Thompson said: “Father Christmas is coming.”

Jamie Beale: “Looks more like Homer Simpson.”

The jovial snap follows tragic news that Christmas has been cancelled for many Britons after a new strain of fast-spreading coronavirus was found in Kent. 

London and large areas of the south east have been put into a Tier 4 lockdown in a bid to control the new strain that is less understood.

The Government is meeting today to discuss new measures to counter it as prime minister Boris Johnson comes under pressure to introduce a national lockdown on Boxing Day.


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