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Sarah, also known by friends and family as Fergie, has taken to social media to announce Brew for the Crew, a new initiative in support of people working on the frontlines during the coronavirus pandemic. The Duchess of York wrote on her Twitter and Instagram accounts: “I am so thrilled to be launching Brew for the Crew to help support frontline workers putting themselves at risk to work during this dreadful pandemic. 

“Every penny raised in profits will go back into projects supporting the heroes of this crisis @Sarah’s Trust”.

The message included a picture showing a smiling Fergie holding a cup of tea in front of the tea and biscuits sold to raise funds.

The Duchess’ latest initiative had been welcomed by her followers on Twitter and Instagram.

Her sister Jane publicly praised Fergie, writing on Instagram: “My fabulous sister such a generous heart and a fab photos too”. 

Antonia Marshall, Fergie’s assistant, wrote: “Congratulations @sarahferguson15 this is phenomenal”.

An Instagram user, Lyndsey, said: “Always thinking of others. You are such a lovely person”.

And another, Rach, added: “How brilliant and the packaging is beautiful well done you!

“I have always had great admiration for you.” 

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The Duchess founded her foundation, the Sarah’s Trust, in June.

With it, Fergie aims at connecting communities around the world by linking people and organisations who can donate with those in needs.

A statement on the charity’s Instagram page published upon its launch read: “Sarah’s Trust is a new charity dedicated to acting as a bridge between individuals and organisations whose social responsibility and financial ability enables them to give philanthropically and charities who can show that their donations will be directed exactly where they are needed most, ensuring impactful and long lasting change in vulnerable communities.” 


Speaking about her organisation, the Duchess added: “Sarah’s Trust is about collaboration, it’s about unity, it’s about partnership, it’s about the smile of a child, the health of a nation and it’s from the heart.

“We’re here to serve and we’re in service to make your life better.”

The biscuits and teas included in the Brew for the Crew launch are part of a wider range of products that make up the Duchess Collection.

All the items in this range are being sold to raise funds for Fergie’s charity. 

Among other newly-launched products there is a personally-designed brooch featuring a forget-me-not-flower, the York Rose and the words ‘loving memory’ on a ribbon.

This accessory has been created in memory of one of Sarah’s oldest friends, who died of cancer in April.

Fergie said: “The forget-me-not flower and the York Rose symbolise new life while honouring those who have died.”

Paying tribute to her friend, the Duchess added: “Her positive energy and wicked sense of humour, even through her darkest times during her illness, will forever inspire me and all those that knew her.

“Together, we were always laughing, making the most of everything life threw at us and always living every day as if it were our last.

“We had many adventures together that I will treasure forever. 

“She was a superb friend, mother and grandmother and thankfully being godmother to her eldest daughter means we will forever be connected.

“I hope this brooch can be just one of the ways to honour her strength and determination.

“She always put other people first, was a great listener and worried more about others than she did herself.

“I designed this brooch so her spirit could continue to help me support others during such difficult times.”    


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