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Support for Scottish independence has dropped significantly in just three weeks, according to the latest survey by YouGov. Those in favour of leaving the UK were almost neck and neck with those who wanted Scotland to remain part the union.

The poll, carried out from November 6-10, asked 1,089 Scottish adults if Scotland should be an independent country.

The “yes” vote had a narrow lead of 51 percent to 49 percent.

It is the 14th poll in a row which suggests the majority of Scots are in favour of independence.

While support for Scottish independence still has the edge over staying in the UK, the recent survey shows support for the cause is waning.

Just last month, polling by Ipsos MORI found 58 percent of Scots were in favour of breaking away.

This was compared to just 42 percent who backed staying in the union.

It was the biggest lead in poll ever recorded for the pro-independence side.

The survey was conducted from October 2-9 and polled 1,045 Scottish adults.

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The November polling from YouGov show Nicola Sturgeon’s SNP is still well ahead.

The research found SNP currently stand on 56 percent of the constituency vote, with the Tories on 19 percent, Labour on 15 percent, the Lib Dems on six percent and the Green Party on two percent.

The pollsters also compiled statistics on regional voter intention, which also showed huge support for SNP.

It found the governing party were on 47 percent, followed by the Tories on 20 percent, Labour on 13 percent, the Greens on seven percent and the Lib Dems on six percent.


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